Love and Only Water

Can you be whole when your world is in halves?

In the midst of an identity crisis, twenty-one-year-old Daniela retraces her roots to Cyprus. As whispers and lies resound through her grandparents' home, she perceives their anguish at Turkey's invasion of The North, still as raw as it was almost fifty years ago. Then her aunt invites her across the border for a picnic.

In an effort to understand their attitudinal differences, Daniela begins crossing over, too. Beyond the buffer zone she runs into Beyza, who was her girlfriend five years ago when they both lived in London and were from ‘the east'. Here and now, with Daniela in The South and Beyza in The North, everything is different.

Faiths conflict. Preconceptions collide. The divided island unravels alongside a war-fractured family. Daniela's is a story of living with uncertainty, and of forging an identity as both yet neither.

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